The LinkedIn Photo: A Good Headshot is Important

By Tracy Summers


Since LinkedIn is a network for professionals, our profiles should represent our professional world. We spend time adding skills, updating the resume, and connecting with other professionals–and we should put the same effort in selecting our profile photo because the photo is one of the most important elements of the profile. Perhaps that’s why some people wait to add their photo: Maybe they are still searching for a perfect photo. Unfortunately, the photo-less profile is not an option; in fact, having no photo is one of the worst things we can do. . .While we rummage for our profile photo, here are some things to consider:

  • The photo needs to clearly show the face.
  • The surroundings and clothing need to look professional.
  • The ideal photo may not exist yet.

Clearly Show the Face

The image shouldn’t be too dark/too light, a distant shot (too far away), or taken decades ago. When others are looking for us on LinkedIn, we want them to quickly recognize us. If we compare a LinkedIn profile to Google search results, the profile photo is similar to the top blue title line in Google’s search results: A non-descriptive title line is no help–neither is an unrecognizable photo. We shouldn’t make the viewer read through our profile just to find out if they’ve located the “correct” person.


Look Professional

We should have on the same clothing we would wear to work or to an interview. The surroundings should not be distracting. (Read this article by Business Insider regarding LinkedIn photo mistakes.)

Stage a Photo

We may decide that none of our existing photos are good enough. If so, we can stage a photoshoot: prepare ourselves (clothing, location, etc.) and have a friend take several headshots.


Bottom line: A good photo is important on LinkedIn. For more suggestions, check out this short video on profile photo tips.

Social Media as Renewable Energy Gangbusters

Close to home in Fort Worth, Texas, Internet social media giant, Facebook, has announced the construction of a $500 million state-of-the-art data center to be opened sometime in 2016. The most amazing part is that Facebook plans to make the data center 100 percent reliable on renewable energy, mainly wind energy. Luckily, they already have experience cooling down these massive data centers in hot conditions. I imagined they used freeze rays or polar bear breath, but I’m not exactly fluent in server-conditioning mechanics. The Fort Worth data center will consist of three 250,000 square foot buildings, and, yes, they will look to employ local Fort Worthians.

Computer rendering of Fort Worth data center. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Seems like a magical land of binary code and long nights staring at blue screens, but, of course, there must be a caveat. Nothing in the world of energy is that easy, is it? Many states are not too keen on big companies using witchcraft, *cough*, I mean renewable energy all willy-nilly. Texas, fortunately, allows big companies to choose their energy providers, but other states in which Facebook has similar data centers require a partnership with the avenues the state prefers.

Shine your light on thee! Photo courtesy of

Regardless of the hoops through which innovative companies have to jump, there is the overall picture of a future paved by the clout of Internet-based interests. The Interweb sucks up plenty of energy, so why wouldn’t energy companies clamor to partner with the likes of Facebook, Google and Yahoo!? Personally, I feel something must be done for our country (at least) to make the switch to renewables, and if it’s social media that forces that hand then so be it. In a way, it is almost apropos for an Internet company to usher us into the future. I mean, isn’t that their entire existence? Yes, there are some undesirable aspects of social media that are a drag, but bring us into the age of energy-Aquarius and you’ve got my vote.


Leon Bridges is finally home


After several years, the return of Texas blues has returned due to the likes of Gary Clark Jr, Shakey Graves, and Austin, Texas. Blues has been in the blood of Texas for decades putting Austin on the map for it’s live music full of guitar slinging singers full of soul and not shy on sound.

Now in 2015, a new artist has emerged out of Fort Worth, Texas by the name of Leon Bridges. At just 25 years old, Leon has captured the sound of generations with his raspy soulful voice and low tempo melodies making him one of the most talked about artists to emerge this year. Armed with his debut album “Coming Home” and a contract with Columbia records, the possibilities are endless for this up and comer.

Leon recently played the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he performed the title track off his debut album. This type of national exposure will surely keep him in the spotlight and  gathered him a string of tour dates and festival appearances such as the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October. As one of the most buzzed about artists at this years South By Southwest Festival, Leon made himself a household name in the Texas music scene and is now becoming a mainstream success.

Coming Home is a delightful mid tempo album that delivers to the heart of the listener with it’s smooth and sensual sound. At 10 songs and coming in at just over 30 minutes, Coming Home is short and sweet but still provides plenty of sound with natural dreamscape reminiscent of early Marvin Gaye or southern Gospel. It’s the blend of Blues and Gospel that gives Leon his own personal sound that’s nostalgic but also unique at the same time. The future is bright for this young artist and he’s only just begun.

– Matthew Carlin

Why Would You Post That?

By: Katie Gibbs

Every so often we see people post crazy or controversial things on a social media site and they are often criticized and hated by people. The latest incident has been with Kristen Lindsey, 31, a veterinarian at the Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham, Texas. She posted a photo on Facebook which depicted a cat with an arrow through its head. Warning: The photo is graphic.

Photo Courtesy: KWTX
Photo Courtesy: KWTX

The animal clinic has since fired her and has released a statement saying that, “We do not allow such conduct and we condemn it in the strongest possible manner.” The Texas Veterinary Medical Association also released a statement saying, “We are saddened and disturbed by the unfortunate actions of this individual. We remind Texas residents that this conduct is not reflective of the veterinary profession or of the veterinarians who strive to embody the words of the veterinarian’s oath every day.”

Since she posted the photo she has received death threats. The County sheriff is conducting an investigation and could bring charges against Lindsey for animal cruelty, a class A misdemeanor. Despite the mostly negative reactions from people there have been people who have come to her defense. A Washington county native said, “They ought to just mind their own business.” Well normally this would be true but Lindsey posted it on Facebook and now outlets in New York and Los Angeles are writing about it. Posts these days now have the potential to reach a lot of people all over the world from being shared or retweeted.

This brings me back to the original question. Why would Lindsey post this and what did she expect to happen? In an age where people post whatever they want they need to realize that there can be consequences for what they post. Lindsey lost her job and could be facing jail time or a fine for her actions.