Fake Donald

By: Connor Gray

Between fake news and political blowhards, managing the truth on social media is getting extremely difficult. This week I wanted to write a thank you to one of my favorite Twitter accounts on social media platforms: @realdonaldcontxt


A division of Washington Post, “Real Donald Context” takes apart each of our 45th president’s excessive and intense tweets and analyzes them for the truth. It’s really just to assume that this man is lying because you don’t like him for his opinions. The well-established news source, Washington Post has taken it upon themselves to fact-check each of his tweets and explain the meaning behind each ambiguity.


Recently, they launched an actual plug-in for your browser that will analyze Trump’s tweets in real time on his actual account to let you know what’s going on. Lately, it seems like we are getting bombarded with so many opposing facts that I depend on reputable news/media outlets to unravel and untangle the truth from the lies.


They’re event quick to let you know about who’s actually posting the tweet, Trump or a staffer. A programmer with an organization called Stack Overflow, David Robinson, analyzed 1000s of tweets and found of the best ways to confirm who is tweeting. It’s been established that the POTUS account has tweeted from both an iPhone and an Android phone. Based on the content from each phone’s tweets, it’s been determined that Trump uses the Android (he would use an Android…). From there, the Post has been able to hone on specific spurts of nonsense and establish some coherence.


The best plight to ignorance is information. I think it’s genius. What better way to combast Twitter misinformation than with Twitter information?


My handsdown favorite of the corrections happens to be:



Bump, P. (2016, December 19). Now you can fact-check Trump’s tweets — in the tweets themselves. Washington Post. Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/12/16/now-you-can-fact-check-trumps-tweets-in-the-tweets-themselves/?utm_term=.8b01ab2381ec

Real Donald Context Twitter: https://twitter.com/realDonaldCntxt


 Chrome Plug-In: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/realdonaldcontext/ddbkmnomngnlcdglabflidgmhmcafogn

TV and The Popularity of The Second Screen

Jonathan Joyner

In 2012, about one-third of smartphone owners admit to using their phones or tablets to send out a message when watching television. Today, in 2016, in 4 years or one presidential term, that number has jumped to eighty-four percent. Television is no longer a solo activity. It has become social. Viewers are engaging with other fans via social media. They call it “the second screen” and television networks are embracing it. Why? Because social media is a great advertising tool. The fans of a television program become brand evangelist pushing others to watch the television show live, so that they can engage in the conversation. With more live viewers, the higher rates the network the show is broadcast on is able to charge its advertisers. They can do this all for the price of putting a few words on the television screen.

RuPaul's Drag Race and Social Media
RuPaul’s Drag Race and Social Media

The popularity of total viewers verses popularity of viewers engaging on social media differs quite drastically. For example, the two most popular, weekly show on television are NCIS and The Big Bang Theory and both air on the broadcast network CBS. However, neither of these shows even makes the top 10 talked about shows on social media. The most tweeted about show ever, Pretty Little Liars, airs on the cable channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family) wouldn’t even make the top 25 shows based on its viewership ratings. The highly serialized nature and younger and probably more social media savvy demographic of viewers is the reason it does far better online. That’s not to say that social media has no correlation to television ratings. Both Empire on FOX and The Walking Dead on AMC do incredibly well in both viewership and social media.

The Voice and Social Media
The Voice and Social Media

People love to use their smartphones, tablets and check social media while watching television. I think the reason behind the rapid grown of the second screen come from television shows acknowledging that viewers are going to be using their smart phones, but instead of ignoring it or fighting against it, they embraced it. They found a way to engage in the activity that users were already doing.


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Twitter exposes users to exotic variety of Kit Kat

By Sherry Long

Looking for a unique Valentine gift for your Kit Kat-a-holic significant other. Want to get them something other than just a large package of plain wafers covered in heavy chocolate?

Grab your passport, pack your bags and jump on a plane for a trip for the two of you to Japan.

Before stumbling upon a tweet about the new sake flavored version launched this month in Japan, I never realized how popular and diverse Kit Kat flavors were in Japan.

Turns out I was not the only person missing out on these peculiar versions.

Source: Twitter account of Ty (@Creativi_Ty)  Other people thought some of the exotic flavors were outrageous.
Source: Twitter account of Ty (@Creativi_Ty)
Other people thought some of the exotic flavors were outrageous.

Japan has the widest variety of Kit Kat candy with more than 25 distinct variations – from banana flavor to creamy apple filing to French rock salt flavor geared mainly toward tourists.  Social media users inundated Twitter with talk of the exotic Kit Kat brand flavors available only in Japan.

As much as some Americans (myself included, as I am a chocolate-holic) guilty pleasure is devouring a chocolate Kit Kat. Others want something with a more unique taste.


Tweet of distinct Kit Kat tastes
Source: Twitter account of David Lat The Nestle Corporation sells more than 25 various varieties of Kit Kat, including wasai & green tea tastes.

As Americans we tend to think we always have multiple and outlandish food choices to satisfy our taste buds. It’s amazing how we can get so engulfed in our own region of the world, we can easily lose perspective on how the rest of the world operates or consumes.

The Nestle Corporation, manufacturers of the Kit Kat crunchy candy treat first sold  in the United Kingdom in the mid-1930s, is devoured by someone around the world once every second.



The Bird’s Descent

By: Catie Sanchez

A new trending hashtag on Twitter today is #RIPTwitter. It’s been causing quite a stir today, so much so that there is a threat of it being banned. This entire issue started Saturday when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that there would be timeline changes and DM changes as well.

Prior to this announcement of timeline changes etc., Twitter had run into scrutiny in the past when it wasn’t making enough out of advertising, and when its user count was still stagnant back in October of 2015 says NPR .  Twitter was not growing as it should have been back then, and still currently. With the new algorithm running the site it seems either current users will deactivate their accounts or the site might just not see new users as much as it used to. The main issue that stands with this new modification is that many current users are anticipating Twitter to be more like Facebook which is mainly the reason a lot of people use it currently; as can be seen on the many screenshots provided by David Burke of Metro.co.uk.

CEO Jack Dorsey has taken to tweeting to console the many concerned tweeters but there is still speculation as to how he only mentioned that there wouldn’t be changes made next week as opposed to saying ever. Although there has been responses from the CEO and Sr. Director of Product, there is still no clarification as to what is being modified and when it will take place, according to Ross Lincoln of Deadline Hollywood.

As a result of all the coverage of the rumored change that was spread by Buzzfeed, Twitter is now more than ever on the verge of becoming extinct. If there really will be an algorithm implementation one can only wonder if it’ll be forced upon veteran users and if it’ll attract new users. Til then one can only assume it’ll be a surprise. 


Bridging The Gap


Social media on all platforms has required quite the adjustment for the music industry. Now with multiple ways for musicians to communicate with their fans, besides the stage, there is a new dynamic to the musician and fan relationships. Back before social media there used to be a mystery and curiosity to the life of your favorite musician. Now with social media this seems to have disappeared. While some are sad to see this vanish, others are glad that they now have the opportunity to connect with their favorite musicians on a new and personal level.

New alternative breakout artist Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey, took to Twitter this past week and shared something very personal with the world. For the past few months her fans have known that Halsey has been struggling with some sort of sickness, but she had yet to confirm any speculations. This week the female artist posted about her diagnosis as being Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease that attacks a female’s reproductive system.

Halsey’s post to twitter about her private struggle gave her fans a glimpse into her personal life and her struggle. She went into great detail about how she has struggled with this disease for years without a proper diagnosis for her pain. She reached out to other girls and fans across the world who have dealt with Endometriosis and let them know they were not alone. Places like Twitter allow for people and celebrities to keep the world constantly updated with little 140 character posts. One small post from someone that you look up to can be available to you in an instant. Social media has bridged the gap between these two groups and have allowed them to connect on a more emotional level. Because of social media and posts like the one Halsey made this week, there is a reminder that these musician’s and celebrities that we look up to and put on a pedestal are just people. They are people just like us who deal with everyday pain and struggle.

What do you think about celebrities broadcasting their personal life on social media? Is this bridge that social media provides something you think is beneficial or should the gap remain there?

If you want to read more about Halsey here is where I found the information and you can read here

And If you want to read more about Twitter and its effects on the music industry here is what I found you can read here

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Rolling Stone Cover?

On February 3rd, Kanye West took to twitter with a picture claiming to be a upcoming Rolling Stone magazine cover shot by his friend and fellow rap artist, Tyler the Creator.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.58.13 PM

The photo is in typical Rolling Stone fashion with the signature logo on the top, a famous musical artist as the focal point, and other small issue/date details in the corners. What grabbed peoples attention was the tagline question underneath Kanye’s name that read “does he like mustard?” The utter randomness and insignificance of this question being asked by a creditable magazine, is what cared it to go viral. Now, the tweet has a whopping 80K retweets and 140k likes. Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.58.09 PM

This quickly grabbed Rolling Stone’s attention. Even though, Kanye never formally stated that this was the actual cover for the next issue, the lack of subtopics and the sheer goofiness gave away that the picture was nothing but a good Photoshop job.

Rolling Stone still felt it necessary to respond and confirm that this was a false cover. They did so in the best way, injecting a sense of humor into their tweet. Their response: “While we love Kanye, and have many mustard-related questions for him, this is not an actual cover of Rolling Stone”.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.57.45 PMKanye took this as a challenge so he used twitters new polling tool to gauge whether his followers would actually like to see this picture make the cover. Over 109k users took part in this poll. Winning 59% to 41% the majority of people actually want to see this as an official cover.

This simple Photoshop prank by Kanye and Tyler caused the hashtag “#trollingstone” to trend and even make it into twitter’s moments for that day. Just like that, Rolling Stone is in the public eye and will continue to be as many of the Kanye’s nearly 19 million followers keep a lookout to see if Kanye will indeed make a future cover (and be asked his condiment preferences). Kanye, himself, is adamant that because of the plethora of people wanting Rolling Stone to use the picture, they will cave and give the people what they want.  If you want to follow Kanye, Tyler the Creator, or Rolling Stone to see what ends up pans out, simply click on their names. Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.58.25 PM

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