Dining In for Social Media

By: Connor Gray

Boiled eggs. Who knew that that topic could garner thousands of likes? This week I wanted to talk about one of my favorite company’s social media: Denny’s.

It should be noted that I am already a huge fan of Denny’s. Anywhere that offers me a $4 breakfast every hour of the day has my heart. That being said, their social media game has boosted their notoriety to people who aren’t just truckers.

Of all their platforms, they shine on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Few major brands or companies have managed to create a thriving environment on Tumblr because of its specific kind of users. They managed to even have their tumblr up for a Webby Award in Food & Drink. Currently, Denny’s social media is run by Erwin Penland.


According to marketingland, Penland describes that the posts have to be current, but not too mainstream, and you always have to be plugged in.” With that in mind, the company has certain taken liberty with that state of thought in more ways than one.


Here are some of my favorites:

Their Twitter currently stands at 377K followers and Instagram at 115K with high engagement on both. To me they are the golden standard when it comes to quality content as ridiculous as they sometimes come off.



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Denny’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dennysdiner/?hl=en

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Rocket League, the Game of 2015, Succeeded because of Social Media

by Patrick Parish (@PrinceOfGeeks)

Video games serve as one of the largest creative industries in the world. A combination of cinematography, music and art all in one. Though for many, it is simply a way to unwind or socialize with friends. While the medium was once viewed as juvenile, many view at as an untapped user-pool.

As of last year, nearly 44 million PS4’s have been sold worldwide. This news in itself is not only good for the boys up at Sony, but it’s a huge incentive for marketers to hop on the videogame bandwagon.

Rocket League originally released on PS4 and PC last summer. Photo Credit: bit.ly/1NZ6ggz

“Freemium content” and in-game advertisements have spiked in usage over the past couple of years due to the growing population of gamers. In an age where everyone wants to play, it’s easy for marketers and social elements to take use of the opportunity. While many companies simply plaster their ads across game screens like a virtual bulletin board, many are taking the initiative to engage.

Rocket League, last summer’s adrenaline filled racecar-sport hit utilized almost every outlet of social media to cultivate its user base. By engaging its users on a near daily basis, they were able to maintain users and keep them informed on content that wasn’t necessary to continue to play the game. Psyonix, the game’s creator, tapped into its fan-base and ensured that they would stay hooked.

The game launched with little fanfare, only to become an overnight success. Psyonix banked on buy-ins from Sony and the huge social media push and it paid off. And even though the game is going on nearly seven months old, it is about to get a second wind. It releases on Xbox One later this month and will be supported throughout the next year.

Much like any viral ad-campaign, Rocket League succeeded due to its determined fans and it’s social media explosion. By integrating Youtube, Twitter and Facebook it was able to cater to its pre existing player-base while generating its own advertisement. The people who love the game continue to rave about it.

The little X-Treme sports game that could succeeded on the back of viral marketing, but its vehicle was social media. While it may be old news for some, it is launching for a whole new group here late this month. Let’s hope the ball keeps on rolling.





What Millennials Don’t Realize and Why

By: Katie Ellis

As a Millennial with older parents than the majority of my peers, (Baby Boomer parents) I tend to notice the ignorance of my generation more than others. When I say notice, I mean more that I am “made aware” of Millennial ignorance because my parents call my generation out. Basically, I have been told repeatedly in the past five years that my generation is fundamentally flawed. The complaints about our behavior and culture range from lazy, to ignorant, to selfish with a heavy emphasis on selfish.


We are ignorant. We are lazy. We are selfish. But here is why. We live in a digital age, and most of us grew up using some kind of computer. Because of this, our way of thinking varies a bit from those who came before us. We inherently understand the way computers work because we were growing and changing as they were. In a sense, computers were some of our first childhood friends. So it’s really not much of a surprise that the older generations find us to be lazy. We have had everything handed to us on the proverbial silver platter known as the Internet.

We rarely pay for things because we know we can find them online for free. We hand out our Netflix passwords like candy without a care in the world that it is essentially modern-day cable theft. Most of us can hardly remember how to do basic math without a calculator. Almost all of us are plagued with self-induced “ADHD” from watching endless 10-second videos. We are the generation that hardly reads for long periods of time, and many of us avoid reading altogether because there is probably an audio book or a movie. We are ignorant primarily because we hardly remember a time in our lives when things were different.


Basically, the Internet and the digital age spoiled us, but here is my take on it. As far as work ethic goes, (and I am definitely biased on the matter) I have come to the conclusion that there is a strong correlation between good work ethic and the age of your parents. My parents retain values from a time when things were much simpler. Everything is black and white with them. There is a right way and a wrong way, and they are sure as hell going to tell you which one is wrong. That is the main difference right there really. My parents are not afraid to offend (it is a blessing and a curse). Therefore, Millennials with Baby Boomer parents tend to have stronger ethical foundations.

As a manager in the food industry, I see the lack of effort expended by many of my generation on a daily basis. It is true that we often expect something for nothing in life, but for some that extends into the workplace. Contrary to that ideology, my parents always raised me to work hard for what I have. I am pretty sure I stopped receiving an allowance past age eight. I was spanked throughout my childhood as punishment for various things. Instead of enabling me, my parents often sided against me with school administrators when I did something wrong. Did I think it was cool at the time? No, but in hindsight, I am a better person because of their version of parenting.




Social Media & The Presidential Race

By Ryan Vance

It’s no question that social media is not going away anytime soon. The way we all use these social mediums varies from person to person, but one area I believe its evolving is the way the presidential candidates are using it.

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton and Dr. Ben Carson are all candidates very active in social media. These candidates are able to push their message anytime of the day no matter what is going on.

Whenever a GOP debate is going on you can be sure Bernie Sanders is tweeting and posting on Facebook giving his political stance and commentary to the world.

I find it interesting that something I use on a daily basis is being used to promote their campaign.  These strategic tweets and Facebook posts I think will replace attack ads one day.  I have not seen an attack ad yet on t.v. but I do believe I will see one next year when the election gets a little more heated.

The banter between the candidates is sometime friendly and but usually its attacking or defending something they said. However Jeb Bush did tweet out a “sorry mom” in reference to him admitting smoking pot during a debate.


Social media I think is the best platform for these candidates to consistently get their message out to my generation. I think the attacks can become a little childish at times but sometimes necessary to get their point across.

I tend to get excited when I watch a debate so I can see what all the candidates are going to say on social media. I like that when they bring up an issue or something they have accomplished, the candidates will post something about it.

Follow these people on twitter. You can learn a lot about their message.






“Hello, Can Anyone Hear Me?”


by Kimsua Lam

I dance, I drink, I party with the best of them. But when I say “no” it means NO. I don’t care if I motioned for you to come dance with me, shake your hips, grab my hands, and have a good time. I don’t even care if I planted my lips upon yours at the height of a good verse – it doesn’t supplant your right to follow me into the bathroom and force yourself on me if I protest, a thousand times, NO.

The dance we had isn’t a ritual that leads to consensual intercourse unless I consent to it – in which case, both victims, Mary and Pepper, did not. We are all guilty of nights like these, and, unfortunately, many of us don’t come forward about our unfortunate happenings.

This is due to the lack of measure that our law enforcement as well as our society possesses. Think about it. Think of someone you truly and sincerely trust with all of your existence. You probably trust this person to take care of you and be sensitive to the experience you lived through. You probably trust this person to do the right thing and not make you feel small or guilty for what transpired.

Now, think of what would happen if you brought this to the authorities or to the general public. Do you think that compassion and sensitivity would make themselves present? I’m not saying that all law enforcement is this way. I am merely saying that better care can be taken in the steps of handling a victim of this nature.

I understand that a rape kit has to be performed, and I understand that difficult questions will have to be asked to better assess, at all perspectives, the situation. But compassion and sensitivity must be exercised in order for victims of these assaults to come forward in the future.

The lack of reporting for these cases are low because of the lack of simple human compassion. Furthermore, coming forward does not guarantee justice for the crime committed. So, for the most part, the perpetrator gets to go about his or her normal life while the victim has to live in shame. Most things in life can be resolved simply. But we complicate them with grey areas and jadedness.

Although social media gives life to narcissism and the like, it also bears a microphone to those who need the spotlight. In the cases of Mary and Pepper, it brought some awareness and outrage to the community and led to some action. And though the actions that took place could use more reinforcement, it definitely gives hope to those, who may be or who have gone through circumstances similar to these, to come forward through a platform that can prove more powerful and effective in inciting justice. Social media – who would’ve thunk it?

Mean Green State of The Union

One hobby in my life that I take very serious in my life is football. It started as kid playing flag football in 1st grade and ever since then it’s always been a huge part rather playing myself, cheering on my favorite teams or playing my favorite video game, EA Madden Football. As I’ve gotten older I don’t play as much but I still love to follow and cheer for my favorite teams and non-have been more disappointing than the UNT Mean Green. Most students only become fans of the football team simply because they go there and a smaller percentage only become or come in as actual fans. I’m honored to say my fandom started before I came here in high school as a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and one of the greatest players ever, Mean Joe Greene played at UNT which made me first draw interest. Also in high school I had dreams of playing and UNT was top on my appeals list. The UNT football team has a rich tradition but over the past decade the program has fallen off which has plummeted to a 0-5 start. In the last ten years there has been only one winning season which was 2013. That season ended in a bowl game victory and hopefully gave the program the spark needed to revive its self. Unfortunately 2 years later it did not work as UNT begins searching for a new head coach after an embarrassing loss to Portland State. Former head coach Dan McCarney was let go immediately after the loss because one, we were blown out at homecoming 66-7 but two, more importantly it was to a D2 school. In fact it was the most lopsided loss by a D1 school to a D2 in recent history if not ever which puts another black eye on the program. It’s been a long season for the team, coaches, and fans all around and this homecoming weekend was the exclamation point. As a fan I hope this team bounces back and win or lose I still will be a fan and support them. A lot of students right now feel angry, embarrassed, and disappointed and you can see that on Twitter and other outlets but we all wish the program the best.


Sources: http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/schedule/_/id/249/north-texas-mean-green


Who’s following You?

By Rita W. Unogwu

stalking2 Are you watching your back? Would you let a stranger follow you just because he or she can?

In a physical environment, we are more cautious of what happens around us. Of strange movements. Of people looking at us in a manner we think is weird. We would be quick to run or alarm the police just to be make sure we are safe.

Question is, Would you let someone that scares you that much follow you on twitter or any social media platform if you knew their identity? Obviously not. The internet has made these barriers difficult just because we see a smiling face or cute appearance.

The Cyber world is very different than reality. People have the liberty to choose how they should be viewed by other people. The wall between two people using a computer, phone or any other device is pretty thin no matter how far apart they are.

If you would shriek at the thought of a weirdo following you in a physical environment, then be weary of the people that follow you or you choose to follow on social network. Choose friends, business associates, family and those who can really prove where you met them. My advice is, accept a request only if you recognize the person if not you are not obligated to. People lie to get what they want.

If we make great choices, we will protect ourselves and our families from potential danger. Any body can be sweet, it’s just keyboard and words. Don’t fall for the trick.  You can always block those who can follow you without permission.

Watch your back! Who’s following you?



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