New Way to Gift on Valentine’s Day

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

Have you found a gift for your Valentine yet?


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Valentine’s day, the worldly known most romantic day, is just a few days away. Unlike any other holidays, modern time Valentine’s day is universal and has no cultural differences. It is a celebration of love and relationships. Throughout the decades, Valentine’s day remain to be one of most important holidays for retailers. Each year, retailers spend thousands and thousands of dollars to invested in advertising and marketing to allure customers to get Valentine’s day gifts for their loved ones. However, as a college student who is living on a budget, there may be alternative way through social media to show your friends, or significant other your love for them without getting them an expensive gift.


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Valentine’s gift should not just be all about the materialistic gift, it should be all about the incentive. Like that one best friend that’s far away from you, you could use Facebook to send them a personalized Valentine’s Day card to let them know that you are thinking of him or her. You could also create meme to express how you feel about one another. Not to mention on twitter, there are many hashtags and keywords that you could use to tag your loved one with. Then, you could always use snapchat to record your lovely date with the snapchat stickers. Also, there is always millions of inspirations DIY post on Pinterest that you could find something to make a special gift. Lastly, the saying goes “if you didn’t have take a picture, were you really there?” no matter if it’s a Valentine’s Day date or Galentine’s day, you can always gather some cute post and captions idea from Instagram.


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Even If you are still trying to find someone to spend with on this special day, there is also ways to help to meet someone. Ever since the World Wide Web, dating and meeting people is not the same anymore. Nowadays, there is many of websites and smart phone applications that help modern day people to find one another. It is almost unnecessary for people to go out to physically meet new people, the idea of digi-dating and digi-love was created. Like the smart phone application Tinder helps many individuals to meet each other by swiping each other left or right, and similar application Grindr that specifically made for homosexual men. But If you would like to just spend the day by yourself, you could also create Episode, an interactive storytelling app, and celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s day.



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Is Social Media Ruining Romance?

By: Ashlyn Jo Hoppe

Ah Valentine’s Day. The day for couples new and old to celebrate romance, love, and all other things mushy-gushy. Whether you were giving or receiving, hopefully there were some flowers and chocolates in your day.

I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing what seemed like a constant stream of red and pink ridden photos and status updates across my various social media feeds throughout the day.

Whether it was tweeting about romantic dinner plans, posting a love note to a valentine’s Facebook timeline, or snapping a picture of those red roses for Instagram, most everyone, myself included, took part in this seemingly time honored tradition.

(Image Source: SomeEcards)

As social media evolves, so has our expectations of romance— and how to show it. The primary focus of this day seems to have shifted from showing our loved ones how much we care about them to showing others how much we are cared for by them. Social media provides us the perfect tool to do just that- brag about what we got.

This shows just how dependent we are on social media, and perhaps the scarier truth about the priorities many of us have.

If your special someone walked through the door today carrying a bouquet of roses, the first priority should be showing them how much you appreciate the flowers- not instantly sending a snap chat of them to your BFF.

I’m not speaking as a bitter single lady on Valentine’s Day here, in fact I was busy spending the day with my fiancée celebrating our first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple. Even I am guilty of having felt the need to post a picture to Facebook showing my plethora of chocolates and other goodies I received.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with wanting to show off what you got— we all know those roses he bought for you didn’t come cheap, but there’s a time and place. Take the time to appreciate the gifts you just got instead of rushing to social media.

So put down the phone, grab your significant other, and spend the day how it should be spent: enjoying the company of loved ones.


Twitter exposes users to exotic variety of Kit Kat

By Sherry Long

Looking for a unique Valentine gift for your Kit Kat-a-holic significant other. Want to get them something other than just a large package of plain wafers covered in heavy chocolate?

Grab your passport, pack your bags and jump on a plane for a trip for the two of you to Japan.

Before stumbling upon a tweet about the new sake flavored version launched this month in Japan, I never realized how popular and diverse Kit Kat flavors were in Japan.

Turns out I was not the only person missing out on these peculiar versions.

Source: Twitter account of Ty (@Creativi_Ty)  Other people thought some of the exotic flavors were outrageous.
Source: Twitter account of Ty (@Creativi_Ty)
Other people thought some of the exotic flavors were outrageous.

Japan has the widest variety of Kit Kat candy with more than 25 distinct variations – from banana flavor to creamy apple filing to French rock salt flavor geared mainly toward tourists.  Social media users inundated Twitter with talk of the exotic Kit Kat brand flavors available only in Japan.

As much as some Americans (myself included, as I am a chocolate-holic) guilty pleasure is devouring a chocolate Kit Kat. Others want something with a more unique taste.


Tweet of distinct Kit Kat tastes
Source: Twitter account of David Lat The Nestle Corporation sells more than 25 various varieties of Kit Kat, including wasai & green tea tastes.

As Americans we tend to think we always have multiple and outlandish food choices to satisfy our taste buds. It’s amazing how we can get so engulfed in our own region of the world, we can easily lose perspective on how the rest of the world operates or consumes.

The Nestle Corporation, manufacturers of the Kit Kat crunchy candy treat first sold  in the United Kingdom in the mid-1930s, is devoured by someone around the world once every second.



Romance in the Net

Source credit goes to Vancouver View.
Source credit goes to Vancouver View.

Dating apps have become more and more popular lately.  For some reason people seem to like meeting others online instead of in person, by chance or through friends.  This has led to the self-imposed blind date, which usually does not go that well.  After all, people can post or say anything on the internet and no one knows whether it’s the truth or not.  So why the sudden rush to find dates online?

According to the Pew Research Center one in ten people have used a dating site or app to help start new relationships.  That is quite a lot of people.  I have never personally used a dating app or website, but I meet plenty of people through school so I don’t need to use one until probably after I graduate.  Anyway all of these people decided that they needed to find partners through dating websites for one reason or another, but lately those dating websites have been spilling over into the social media world.

Your Tango has found that dating sites and apps are leaning more and more toward social media profiles.  Descriptions are getting shorter and multitudes of pictures are used instead.  Some apps, such as Glimpse, even use your existing profiles to create your account.  This particular one uses your Instagram pictures so that’s all anyone sees.  I have to wonder why this is popular.  It just puts more pressure on people to look perfect and actually encourages people to not have a real working personality.  If you go by these dating apps alone for your relationship experience you’ll realize that it’s all about looks and nothing else.  So the question I’m left with is: Why does anyone who wants a real relationship based on love and shared interests use apps like this?

       – Jennifer Pache

Some Marketing Research for Valentine’s Day

-Parker Thornton

Valentine’s Day is a corporate holiday invented by the greeting card companies. And to those without a significant other, the day is meaningless or something to be belittled. However, to those with a special someone, the day comes with expectations.

To help understand those expectations Arc (the brand activation agency within Chicago ad agency Leo Burnett) has released a survey titled “Hugs and Disses”, which contains some answers about what women (and men) want on the 14th.

Nothing in the survey is super surprising (women like getting candy more than men do!?), but the survey does have some information that could help unsure romance-makers form a plan of attack for this weekend’s holiday.

For instance, If you are worried that taking your special someone out for a nice meal is too cliché, don’t be. Dinner out is the #1 thing men and women plan on giving, according to the Arc survey. It’s also the gift they most hope to receive. So unless you’re snowed in, get out and eat.

What does the survey say about gift giving? Men are less likely than women to expect a gift, but if you want to get your guy a gift DON’T give him a stuffed animal (consider electronics or something practical like socks). Women are more likely to expect a gift, and they like to be surprised. Interestingly, women and men try to choose presents that both partners can enjoy in nearly equal measure. So perhaps the best gift is a gift that can be shared.

Whatever you do for your loved one this Valentine’s, don’t forget the romance. “Hugs and Disses” says that over 80% of the people they surveyed expect a kiss!

By: Nicolas Holzey
By: Nicolas Holzey

Starbucks believes in love at first click

by Luci Lopez


As I opened my Starbucks Rewards app to pay for my morning coffee, a new message was waiting for me. It looks like Starbucks was offering to help me in the love department. Thanks, I guess?


Starbucks and Match are partnering up for Valentine’s Day for what is being called “the world’s largest Starbucks date” on Feb. 13. The global event will include a special menu designed for two, an exclusive in-store music playlist and props for photos. Starbucks and Match are using the hashtag #StarbucksDate for dates to share on social media.

What a clever collaboration. It completely makes sense, too. Coffee shops, Starbucks in particular, are usually the go-to meet up spot for first dates, especially when meeting someone from a dating site. Match is also considered the leading online dating site for singles.

After conducting research, Match found that more than 3 million of their members were listing “coffee and conversation” as one of their interests. Starbucks global chief marketing officer Sharon Rothstein said Starbucks is a great place to connect with people and have used real life stories from their customers about how they met.

Match has also conveniently included a “Meet at Starbucks” feature where members can invite other members out for coffee. Match will even locate the nearest or best Starbucks location to meet.

For the most part, this seems like a mutually beneficial collaboration. It’s a great way for both companies to increase their clientele and engage in their customers. The downside to this campaign is the Match membership requirement. You must subscribe (i.e. pay) in order to see who has viewed your profile and receive and reply to messages from other members.

I think the collaboration is great. It even got me entertaining the thought of possibly thinking about creating an online profile. But really I just grabbed my coffee and went about my day.